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I was really interested to meet Paul and to hear about the support Working with Men is providing to marginalised and excluded boys and young men. It was a pleasure to meet A, J and J and to understand first hand the positive impacts that organisations like Working with Men are having on people’s lives’. (Nick Hurd MP)

The Ventoring service supports the boys and young men by engaging with them through forming relationships which they trust, this can take a while as their experience often before our involvement has been a lack of positive role models, negative relationships with adults and agencies, professionals, lack of guidance.
Ventoring is an activity/ support programme developed particularly for entrenched young people to gain an understanding of the relationship between the individual and the services available to them based on their own experiences. This allows an appraisal of their current aspirations and circumstances followed by goal focused support and structured needs-appropriate mentoring within a clearly defined timeframe.

The term itself is based on the words ―Vent and ―Mentor and it is based on the perceived ―venting period involved in establishing mentoring work, particularly in association with Information, Advice and Guidance for longer term NEET young people. Practitioners found that if the underlying factors of non-engagement were not addressed and integrated into the entire one to one process, many relationships and initiatives were not sustainable for the person involved. Being able to vent their ongoing issues related to current provision has proved to be a key part of the ventoring process and leading to an appraisal of their aspirations.
The methodology and underpinning ethos of the Ventoring Systems are based on Youth Work and Transition management principles

The aims of the service are:

Punching 2To use street work to engage with young men aged 13 – 25 who are out on the streets engaged in anti-social behaviour and/or at risk of engaging in criminal activity.

To work on a 1:1 basis with these young men to help them look at their lives, their behaviour and develop career and other goals for their future.

To introduce them to and help sustain effective relationships with other providers of Information, Advice and Guidance, apprenticeship projects, training providers etc.

Once we have tackled this and gained trust, our workers form a mentoring relationship which includes practical and emotional support. This means being there for them and not giving up on them, helping with housing , benefits, training and employment opportunities, family issues, to name a few. WWM either engage through outreach in the neighbourhood, ‘word of mouth referrals’, or from other agencies eg probation, police, YOTS.


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