Case Study 4


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Family Circumstances:

  • Father B is (23yrs old) and began working with the Fathers Development Worker (FDW) mid 2013. At the time father B was living out of his car and sofa surfing with friends. The relationship with his partner had broken down prior to work beginning with the FDW and there was already social services involvement due to allegations of domestic abuse. Police have been involved on several occasions with this particular couple always resulting in NFA (no further action). Over the course of the time the FDW has been working with father B, he has split up and got back together with his partner on numerous occasions.


Identifying Needs:

  • Father B was in desperate need of relationship advice and support. His ideas of what constituted as a healthy relationship were a little skewed and required some lengthy sessions with the FDW on how father B saw himself within the relationship and the levels of respect he thought he had for his partner.
  • Father B had lost his job at Marks & Spencer’s and wasn’t studying at college.
  • There was also a breakdown in the relationship with his own mother and brother which had caused him to leave the family home.

Poor engagement with Social services processes and meetings.



  • The services the father has used are: 
  • Working With Men
  • Family Nurse Partnership
  • Islington Social Services


Ongoing Issues:

  • Some of the issues which have since been managed through support undertaken by the FDW have concerned the verbal and physical abuse mum was alleging against father B. At the time of these allegations, mum was heavily pregnant. It was later discovered that mum was calling the police when she’d had enough of an argument and called the police on the basis that she was being physically abused, to which she later admitted wasn’t true. Even so, the FDW, social services and FNP took the allegations seriously, hence the length of time father B has received FDW support, focused at healthy relationships and understanding/addressing new ways of communicating and negotiating within relationships.


The Impact of Used Services:

  • Following case conferences with mum and father B now attending as he felt supported, the situation between the parents has calmed down considerably and mum gave birth to their child in February 2014.
  • Relationship and employment support from the FDW had resulted in father B getting his position at Marks & Spencer’s back.
  • father B is more aware of the effects his negative behaviour can have around his partner and child. They have since reconciled and though various services are still involved, father B is a lot less uncomfortable dealing with the family’s social worker.


Next Steps for the Family:

  • Mum and baby are doing well and father B is living with his partner now and has also managed to set up his own ‘hand car wash’ business. That said, he has neglected the important elements such as registering his company and communicating with the Inland Revenue that he is self-employed. These issues are ones that the FDW will be assisting father B with immediately.

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