RA case study: Tiago Year 9


Tiago is a year 9 boy. He is a keen athlete, representing his school in various sports such as athletics, football and rugby.

Tiago is big for his age and generally quite confident. He was referred to our programme mainly for incidents of conflict with teachers, failure to follow and instructions and negative responses which often resulted in him being sent out of class. Tiago was very open and honest during our pre programme 1-2-1 and acknowledged without hesitation that, on occasion, he had responded inappropriately when reprimanded. This behavior often arose out of his frustration at being treated harshly or not being given an opportunity to explain himself.  His frustrations were compounded by the fact that this was now starting to have a negative impact on him being selected to represent the school in sport.

Tiago explained that as a result of this, his relationship and attitude in school had deteriorated. At the time when we began working with Tiago, his behavior had led to him being excluded from one of his lesson after an altercation with a teacher.

As a starting point, Tiago stated that he was keen for things to improve.

Approach: what you did that addressed their need, or solved their problems

As part of the sessions, communication (both verbal & non-verbal) was explored. This addressed the issue Tiago was having in the way he was being perceived as a result of his interactions with others through tone of voice, body language and personal space. Notably how this may be perceived by female members of staff.

Results: the outcomes of your work, at a practical level

On a practical level, over the course of the programme, through scenarios, role play and group discussions, issues around behavior were explored. Tiago was open and willing to explore areas of difficulty often leading on the discussion and encouraging contributions from others in the group (see Fig 1).

Observer comments on Tiago’s participation

Fig 1 – Observer comments on Tiago’s participation.


Benefits: What has benefitted as a result of your work.

On return to class Tiago was more mindful of his communication within the classroom and the type of behavior which could lead to conflict.

In complete contrast to the initial comments made by staff, Tiago emerged as a leader within the group, setting a positive example to the younger boys.

Tiago noted in his feedback that the communication, conflict & goal setting modules of the programme were useful to him in everyday situations and that he had found the sessions ‘very useful ‘in helping him to manage his behavior in school (See Fig2)

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